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  Directed by, Issam Khoury, New York, 2017 Manhattan, NY Gloria Starr Kins is Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Society & Diplomatic Review (SDR), a United Nations accredited publication that serves as a directory of Ambassadors, UN Secretariat, and the Consular Corps. In a long journalistic career, she has held senior positions on the Diplomatic World…

رالي المعارضة السورية والايرانية ٢٠١٧

رالي المعارضة السورية والايرانية في ٢٠ ايلول/ سبتمبر ٢٠١٧ امام مبنى الامم المتحدة، نيويورك اخراج عصام خوري   انضموا الى فريق مركز التنمية البيئية والاجتماعية وساعدونا في تغطية الحقيقية في اسوء ازمة انسانية تطال جيلنا

The ‘Free Syrian & Iran’ Rally 2017

    The ‘Free Syrian & Iran’ Rally United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY Sep 20,2017 Directed by: Issam Khoury       Join the ETCC team, and work with us to Uncover the truth during the worst Humanitarian crisis of our generation

The sixth anniversary of the Syrian revolution, 2017

 By: Issam Khoury Four and a half hours in bus which carried Syrian activists from New York to Washington D.C, were all Syrian communities from different US states met. Every year Syrian communities arrange the anniversary of the Syrian revolution, this year March 18.2017 اربع ساعات ونصف استغرقت الحافلة التي قلت النشطاء السوريين من نيويورك…

Syrian Revolution continuing

  In this day more than 400 demonstrators in Washington .DC, said all against Bashar Assad’s regime. Assad and ISIS destroy communities Jews, Christians and Muslims  in Syria please see the photography, March 20.2016.

Photographer life, Margaret Waage

By:Issam Khoury  Photography change my life in a way that was liberating, it allowed me to travel so speak to places   that I would not have gone otherwise. It really was and is a way for me to learn about the world learn about people that I might not otherwise have had

The Synagogue and the Syrian Regime

By :Issam Khoury        Heroic statues seemed to grace every corner. Even the doors of wooden houses sported elaborate carvings and colorful paintings. It was not at all an ordinary city for me; every single detail was fascinating and beautiful. I was eager not to sleep too much in order to walk around all the…