City of Ghosts

Co-presented by BAM and Amazon Studios, City of Ghosts Film Directed by Matthew Heineman | 2017 In 2014, a group of anonymous activists under the name Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently banded together after their Syrian city was taken over by ISIS, attempting to stem the tide of the terrorist group’s misinformation campaign. In this powerful…

نحن لسنا صامتين

نحن لسنا صامتين، اخراج عصام خوري نيويورك، مقابل الامم المتحدة ٢٠ ايلول ٢٠١٧

رسالة من القس د. روبيرت ستيرنس للشعب السوري

رسالة من القس د. روبيرت ستيرنس للشعب السوري اخراج عصام خوري. ٢١ ايلول ٢٠١٧   انضموا الى فريق مركز التنمية البيئية والاجتماعية واعملوا معنا في تغطية اكبر كارثة انسانية في جيلينا ِ

The ‘Free Syrian & Iran’ Rally 2017

    The ‘Free Syrian & Iran’ Rally United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY Sep 20,2017 Directed by: Issam Khoury       Join the ETCC team, and work with us to Uncover the truth during the worst Humanitarian crisis of our generation

Another life

Another life, Aug 15
Shooting by: Amer Alnasser. Editing by: Roy Isber
Directed by: Issam Khoury

قراءة في خطاب المهزوم

بقلم: عصام خوري تفاوتت الاراء على صفحات التواصل الاجتماعية حول خطاب بشار الاسد الاخير في افتتاح “مؤتمر وزراء الخارجية والمغتربين” يوم 20 آب 2017، الامر الذي دفعني للتمعن بما نشرته وكالة الانباء الرسمية سانا عنه، واستطيع باختصار تبويبه ضمن 17 بندا، وادعوكم هنا للتمعن بها، مع التنويه انني قدمت توضيحات تصحيحية لكل بند منها  الكلمة الترحيبية: وتاتي…

Aya Azzawi

  January 22, 2016: A day to remember for the rest of our lives. Everybody was preparing to fight the snow storm that put New Jersey in a state of emergency. Meanwhile, my family and I were having our own battle to fight. Our beloved daughter Aya Azzawi, born September 28, 2012, was diagnosed with…

My home

My Home, Daraa, Oct 2016 Shooting by: Muhammad Directed by: Issam Khoury  

We try to find home

We try to find home, Daraa city, Oct.2016 Shooting by: Ehssan Al-shalabi Directed by: Issam Khoury  

Zaizon Refugee Camp

Zaizon Refugee Camp, Aug. 2016 Shooting by: Ehssan Al-Shahabi Diracted by: Issam Khoury Thousand of refugees, who migrated from countryside Damascus, Quneitra and Daraa. Now lives in Zaizon refugee camp located west of Darhaa south Syria near the border with Jordan.