Honoring Anwar Al-Bunni in New York

Political literature shows “The Art of the Possible ” as a pragmatic case, far from ideal thought, but if this art adheres to the standards of constitutional rights of great nations, it will serve a basic idea, which is constitutional justice.

The de facto ruler of the Iraqi Shiites

Issam Khoury published a Policy paper entitled The de facto ruler of the Iraqi Shiites, on Nov 2022. The text analyzes the dynamics of relations between Iraqi Islamists and Iran.
Al-Sadr and the United States are not consensual, but in politics, there is nothing impossible. Therefore, if Washington and Israel are serious in their efforts to dwarf Iranian expansion in the Arab region, they should support the Arab countries against Tehran with intelligence and logistics, in order to provide Al-Sadr with what enables him to eliminate his opponents and restore the Shiites Iraqis for the Iraqi identity, and this matter is met with thirst by all Iraqis who have realized that the Iranian project in Iraq is a subversive project and cannot become a development project.

Fatemiyoun or ISIS?

The beneficiary of these operations is not only the Islamic State but there is a regional power, the most prominent of which is Tehran, in addition to the Syrian regime that seeks to portray itself as a political regime, but a not radical extremist group, although this regime made many war crimes and genocide and these massacres exceeded the crimes of extremist radical groups.
By, Issam Khoury

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Turkish government

Issam Khoury published a Policy paper entitled The Muslim Brotherhood and the Turkish Government. The text analyzes the dynamics of relations between Turkish Islamist figures and the secular state and the recent development of pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey.

The response to the earthquake in Syria and Turkey

By, Issam Khoury
1,556 victims arrived at the Bab al-Hawa crossing from Turkey, which makes the total number of victims 4,963 victims.

In fact, this number is less than the figure announced by Agence France-Presse estimated at 5,800 victims, and it does not match any of the statistics of the Syrian Network for Human Rights or the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Human, or the Syrian regime.

The Captagon trade and Syria

By, Issam Khoury CSIORS, Feb 20, 2023 The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) [1] for Fiscal Year 2023 included, in one of its clauses, a bill to disrupt and dismantle the production of Captagon pills produced by the regime in Syria. Representative French Hill portrayed [2] it on December 8, 2022, as a source of…

A drifting economy

By, Issam Khoury
The Iranians wanted to be partners with the Russians in the Syrian-Turkish coordination process, so they decided to stop supplying the Syrian regime with oil at a reduced price, and demanded a price of $70 per barrel

Operation Claw-Sword

By, Issam KhouryThe Czech-Slovak Institute of Oriental Studies Dec 08, 2022 Four armored vehicles flying the American flag, accompanied by combat units of the Syrian Democratic Forces, headed on December 2, 2022, to the vicinity of the Al-Malikiyah “Derik” area in northeastern Syria, with the aim of monitoring the Turkish-Syrian border, and a similar patrol…