Liquidnet and Syrian refugees

Liquidnet and Syrian refugees

Directed by, Issam Khoury

Organize, Syria Supper Club

Place, Liquidnet. INC, New York, NY, USA

March 05,2018


Video by camera 360


Liquidnet is the global institutional trading network that more than 890 of the world’s top asset managers trust to execute their trades in size. Our scale of liquidity and investment opportunities span 45 markets and 5 continents. It’s why institutions turn to Liquidnet when they need to execute trades with maximum anonymity and minimum price movement.

Seth Merrin is CEO of Liquidnet,  has reinvented how Wall Street can work for good and use technology to make the markets safer and more efficient for investors. As founder and CEO of Liquidnet, Seth has built a different kind of financial services company that is dedicated to rewiring the asset management industry by eradicating market inefficiency, driving investment performance and enabling the efficient flow of invest-able assets around the world.

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