Siege Soup

Yesterday June 04.2016 in Times Square, NY. Some Syrian activist spoke “Please pray for us”
البارحة بينما مجلس الامن عاجز عن ردع الجوع في سوريا، اجتمع بعض النشطاء ليطلقوا رسالتهم في ساحة الازمنة اسمعوا صوتهم جميعا.

In his March 23, 2016 report to the United Nations Security Council, the UN secretary-general said that the Syrian government has blocked aid to at least six out of 18 besieged areas since the cessation of hostilities began on February 26. The government denied aid access to Eastern Ghouta – including Douma, Harasta, Arbin, Zamalka, and Zabadin – and Daraya, affecting over 250,000 civilians. Local council officials and aid workers in Daraya and Douma told Human Rights Watch in phone interviews that civilians are suffering from severe shortages of food and medicine as well as debilitating poverty.

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