Party with Elias Karam in New York

Endak Bab al-Biat, Voice, Elias Karam Directed by, Issam Khoury اندق باب البيت بصوت الياس كرم الحان وديع الصافي     Kamari, Voice Elias Karam Alappo stail. By, Rami Tuhma Directed by, Issam Khoury  

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

  Patrick’s Cathedral, situated on posh Fifth Avenue near Rockefeller Center, Directed by, Issam Khoury The cornerstone of St. Patrick’s Cathedral was laid in 1858 and her doors swept open in 1879. It was over 150 years ago when Archbishop John Hughes announced his inspired ambition to build the “new” St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Celebrate the Arab community in New York, New Year 2018

Celebrate the Arab community in New York during New Year 2018 Happy New Year 2018, By camera 360 Directed by: Issam Khoury Brooklyn, NY   Celebrations of the Syrian community in New Year Happy New Year 2018 Brooklyn, NY Directed by, Issam Khoury

Gloria Starr kins’s home

  Directed by, Issam Khoury, New York, 2017 Manhattan, NY Gloria Starr Kins is Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Society & Diplomatic Review (SDR), a United Nations accredited publication that serves as a directory of Ambassadors, UN Secretariat, and the Consular Corps. In a long journalistic career, she has held senior positions on the Diplomatic World…

Ya Sham, Elias Karam/الياس كرم يا شام

     كلمات وألحان الفنان الكبير الياس كرم اخراج عصام خوري هذه اول اغنية لمطرب عربي كبير تغنى بتقنية 360  نيويورك، يروكلين كانون الاول 27/2017 Lyrics and Voice Elias Karam Directed by, Issam Khoury Brooklyn, NY. Dec, 27/2017 This is the first song of an Arab singer sung by Camera 360

The gift of Christmas

  Arab community Christian in New York Church of the Virgin Mary, Brooklyn, NY Directed by: Issam Khoury Story by: karla sousou 2017

Syrian dinner in NY

US Activists help new Syrian refugees Syria Supper Club is the original program of The United Tastes of America.

Home Song

January 28, 2017 Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ   Home Song presented an intimate evening

City of Ghosts

Co-presented by BAM and Amazon Studios, City of Ghosts Film Directed by Matthew Heineman | 2017 In 2014, a group of anonymous activists under the name Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently banded together after their Syrian city was taken over by ISIS, attempting to stem the tide of the terrorist group’s misinformation campaign. In this powerful…

نحن لسنا صامتين

نحن لسنا صامتين، اخراج عصام خوري نيويورك، مقابل الامم المتحدة ٢٠ ايلول ٢٠١٧